The Circuit - Francisco Jimenez

In the story The Circuit  Francisco Jimenez is trying to teach us that even if you live destitution you can still fulfill your dreams. In the book Francisco tries to convince his dad for his family to stay in Santa Maria so he can stay in school.  In order for him and his family to stay he and his brother need to get another job, so that they provide for their family because their dad can no longer work in the fields.


Panchito reminds me of my mom because my mom basically had a very similar life. All through my mom's life , she had to work in the fields and got paid a very small amount of money. She always reminded herself to work harder in school so she wouldn’t have to work in the fields when she got older.


The point I started liking the book was when Panchito got an award for the butterfly he had drawn. I liked it because it made me feel happy for him. It made me feel happy because he was having a difficult time in school, since he didn't know English. My favorite part was when he gave his ribbon to Curtis even though Curtis tried to beat him up for his sweater.