Honeycomb - Patricia McCowan

     Nat (main character) is a funny energetic girl who wants to express her talent. At times I feel like Harper is a self absorbed girl who only cares about her self but she can also be really sweet. Jess is a chill type of person who looks like they don't really care but they do.


     At a summer camp these three girls become a trio named Honeycomb.They enter a contest to enter for a chance to sing at the Tall Grass Music Festival. At times Jess wants  to quit and starts fighting with Harper but then Nat fixes it, until one day the girls have a nasty fight. Will they still be Honeycomb or will they break up forever.


     This book taught me to not listen to rumors and to always try your hardest. It also taught me to not be afraid to express myself and share my talents with the world. 


     I gave this book only 3 1/2 stars because this book was good but it didn't really catch my attention, surprise me, or make me happy. I would recommend this book if you were looking for a novel to kill time or want to read a short but good story.